Who We Are

When we launched Equipped Brand last year, it was always our intent to build a brand that at the core stood on the foundation of Jeremiah 29:11. That scripture is where it all started, in a season where due to health issues, I doubted my purpose and felt like God could no longer use me due to what I felt was a physical limitation.   
It was in that season however, where God began to show me that it's not anything about who I am, what I bring to the table, or what I can or can't do that qualifies me to fulfill the purpose He has for my life, but it is He who Equips us to walk in the plan and purpose He has for our lives.
It was in that season, the vision for Equipped Brand was birthed and our mission is simple - create inspirational pieces that connect us to Him and provide motivation and reminders to walk in our God given purpose knowing we are Equipped.