Who We Are

We exist to help inspire each and every person to discover, connect to, and live out the God given plan and purpose that is inside of us.
The fact of the matter is none of us were created by accident and the notion that your life is not valued or significant isn't true.

The reality is we were all made in the image of God, with a divine purpose and plan, equipped to carry out that plan -- and God's ultimate desire is for each of us to tap into all that He has for us and to live out what He has purposed for our lives. 

Our hope is that with each design concept and theme, you see the heart of our creator represented in expressions that remind us of who we are in Him, provides a platform for authentic discussions to be had about Him, and inspires us to stay in constant pursuit of Him -- living out the plan and purpose He ultimately has for us, with the confidence in knowing we have been EQUIPPED to fulfill it.